Monday, June 25, 2012

The Lion

You are my hiding place;
   you will protect me from trouble
   and surround me with songs of deliverance.  Psalm 32:7

 Imagine this.

 You are standing in a desolate place, perhaps a desert.  What do you see?  Envision a stream running through the barren land.  The stream of living water was put there to refresh you. Drink deeply.  It is life, hope and beauty.

Do you see Jesus?  Set your eyes on a Lion by the stream resting by the one and only flourishing tree.  It's the Lion King of Kings.  The Lion of Peace to you today. In Alaska, His name would be Denali, “The Great One.”   He is bidding you to come to him.  He is asking you to bury your face in his mane.  As you approach Him, you realize how large He is.  You can be completely engulfed in His mane.  It is a warm place of peace and rest.  There is absolutely no fear, no worry, just perfect love.  Hear his heart beat?  Listen to him purr.  Does a lion purr? No...  Could He be humming, singing over you? Most likely.  You are protected, hidden away from the enemy.

Peek out of His mane for a moment.  What do you notice?  Far off in the distance there is evil, watching, waiting and laying traps for you. You hear the Lion King give a short low growl under His breath.  The enemy flees!  Vanishes!  Darkness is forbidden to come near.  Even the slightest growl sends the enemy retreating.

Watch out! The Lion is getting ready to ROAR! When the Lion roars the enemy will be obliterated.

Jesus,  I hide myself in You.
“Denali,” annihilate the enemy in my life with Your ROAR!
I hear your ROAR setting all things right in my life.

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