Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Taking the Higher Road Part 3

Based on Deuteronomy 30 (MSG, NLT, CEV)

In part 1 I listed the blessings given to every person who loves and serves the Lord with a pure heart.  Whoo Hoo!

Part 2 listed the curses of the person who walks away from the Love of the Lord and serves the evil one.  Booo!

Today we will see what happens to the person when he or she decides to love and serve the Lord again with a sincere heart in absolute devotion.

J     The Lord promises to give him back his freedom!

J     Jesus will feel sorry for him and restore him!

J     The repentant person will have success, favor and blessings!
      (Read part 1)

J     He will love God with his whole being and live.  God will put all the curses on his enemies who are cruel to him.

J     The Lord will be happy with this person who whole heartily clings to the Spirit of the living God!

J     The Word of God is very near to his heart and mouth.

It boils down to two choices, according to this passage:

  1. Choose life and blessings or
  2. Choose death and curses

The Lord commands the wayward person to turn and love the Lord, keep His commands, obey His Word, and then the Lord will bless him.  If he chooses death, the Lord will turn away from him and all the curses will come upon him.  He will be destroyed.  Today, Jesus is offering this person life or death, blessings or curses.

CHOOSE LIFE! (Deut 30:19) To choose life is to love the Lord, our God, obey him and stay close to him (30:20).  He is your life.  He will let you live many years.  It’s your choice.  What will you choose?

I choose life, Lord.  Help me to serve only You, not the world or myself.

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