Friday, February 24, 2012

Bottled Tears

You keep track of all my sorrows
      You have collected all my tears in your bottle.
      You have recorded each one in your book.  Psalm 56:8 NLT

I was in the cosmetic department of Fred Meyers searching for some black mascara and reading all the labels looking for one that doesn't run when I cry.  Many packages say "waterproof" but don't say tear proof.  No guarantees that I will not see black streaks dripping off my cheeks.

I never really cried much but now the tears always seem to be at the surface ready to release the pressure of pain.  There is relief in the tears but also uncomfortable loss of control.  Often times little thoughts run through my mind and out flows the tears. My tears are a close companion during these days of suffering.  Tears are what make us human.  Jesus said there will be no more tears in heaven. He will wipe them all away.  It is something we experience on earth in our human bodies.  Sometimes we think that if our faith was big enough we wouldn't be so sad. Tears don't show a lack of faith.  You've lost something or someone who is valuable to you or you were forced to let go of a dream or maybe you are living in a nightmare.  That is something to be sad about.  Let yourself be sad.  It is a cleansing of your soul.

God doesn't dismiss your tears.  He bottles them up in heaven. I like to think they are stored in sealed diamond cordials.  They are precious to Him.  You are precious.  Isaiah 25:8 says that God will wipe away every tear and remove our disgrace.  Picture God reaching His loving hand out to you and gently wiping away your tears.  He doesn't ignore them or tell you if you had enough faith you wouldn't cry. He not only wipes the tears away but all the sorrow that caused them (Rev. 21:4).  God's plan is that He will destroy all evil that has caused all pain for you and live forever in a place lovingly prepared for you where there are no more tears. Jeremy Camp has a song that really touched my heart.  It's called "There Will be a Day". Here is a link to the youtube video.

Dear Tear Collector, remind me that my tears are precious to you
and you will wipe away every tear and destroy the very evil that
has caused my suffering and pain.

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