Saturday, December 3, 2011

Heroes of Pain

I don't think there's any comparison between the present hard times and the coming good times.  Romans 8:18 MSG

Pain, suffering, or sorrow takes on many forms.  It can be life altering experiences like the death of a spouse or child, terminal illness of someone you love, or divorce.  It can be everyday annoyances like being cut off in traffic, being stuck in a grocery line when you are in a hurry or simply a friend speaking in a harsh tone and having our feelings hurt.

A solider friend of mine in the Army was sharing with me his pain and sorrow.  He was in charge of a company of soldiers in Iraq and was attacked by a suicide bomber.  He lost many friends that day.  None of those men signed up for a vacation of wining & dining and enjoying the desert heat.  No.  It cost them everything.  These heroes laid down their life for our freedom.

Sin cost Jesus everything. He too laid down His life for our freedom.  Will we ever be free from pain?

Pain is God's tool to prepare you for wonderful things to come.  The Lord doesn't thrive on tormenting His children.  Instead, He understands the big picture in ways you don't that pain prepares.  And those who successfully navigate painful situations are those God can trust for glorious opportunities.  He is preparing you for the glory of His Kingdom.

God, I'm not into pain, but I'm into You.  I'll trust You to lead
 me through every difficult situation I encounter into
wonderful things ahead. Help me be a hero for You.

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