Sunday, December 4, 2011

True Grit

It is commendable if a man bears up under the pain of unjust suffering because he is conscious of God.  I Peter 2:19 NIV

A third grade student saw an injustice and proclaimed out loud, "That is so wrong on so many levels!" (Read it again with attitude).  Don't we feel that way when injustices come our way?  That was my first reaction when the Doctor discovered my son's brain tumor. What did my son do to deserve this?  That is so wrong…on so many levels! It took me a few minutes of self-pity to finally turn my thinking around and say "Thank you, Lord, for the character you've built in my son to be willing to suffer and come out victorious."  I realized God will be glorified through the surgery and recovery.  You can read more about this incredible journey at My son has "true grit."

John Wayne wasn't exactly the model of Christian virtue. His character was self-sufficient and didn't usually experience much in terms of true community.  He wasn't a big communicator.  But he had one thing: He had true grit. He was tough and toughness counts for something in this world.

It's not the kind of toughness that makes you calloused, cynical and unfeeling.  God's vision of toughness is men and women who have suffered and don't quit. Apostle Peter said in his letter that suffering unjustly brings commendation.  If we earn our sufferings through foolishness (as I do from time to time), well, that's not very special.  But those who persevere through undeserved pain and keep their hearts tender and open are those counted great in the Kingdom.

Increase my "grit", Jesus.  Give me a tenaciousness of soul
that can survive and even thrive when others lost heart.
Keep me conscious of You!

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